WhereverTV streaming service still exists, is now available on iOS

@ 2013/04/23
Don't let the name fool ya -- "WhereverTV" wasn't on any iOS devices until this morning when the Neuros-powered streaming global television service got an App Store launch. It's intended for a wide variety of iOS devices -- the iPhone 3GS through the 5, as well as iPod Touches and iPads running iOS 4.3 or newer -- and offers access to WhereverTV free international TV streaming options, as well as paid options for Greek, Moroccan, and Arabic programming (the app's been available on Android devices for some time now).

Users aren't limited by connection, either, as even 3G signal is supported by the app; of course, we wouldn't suggest you go depending on that option, but it will function should you try. WhereverTV is also promising updates in the future, such as DVR scheduling and playback, as well as more free channels. That is, in addition to the company's ongoing quest to make good on its name.

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