OCZ Announces ModStream Power Supply Family

@ 2004/12/02
OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high-reliability memory, today announced the release of the truly innovative ModStream power supply family.

The OCZ ModStream power supplies are the ideal solution for PC-users desiring a high-quality mix of power and versatility in their system. Virtually silent, the highly adaptable ModStream is the quietest, sleekest, and most versatile PSU available on the market today!

"Today's enthusiast and gaming systems require plenty of power for the complete range of high end components, and unfortunately traditional power supplies often fall short in terms of performance and cable management," stated Steve Lee, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Alliances. "To address this need OCZ is proud to introduce our new line of high performance ModStream PSUs, which deliver industry leading performance, reliability, ultra-quiet operation, and advanced cable management."

For your convenience, every ModStream power supply is equipped with OCZ EZMod technology. This advanced cable management system allows complete customization of your power system by utilizing only the UV cables you require, resulting in optimal airflow and elimination of cable mazes. All EZMod cables glow brightly when illuminated with UV lighting accessories to add a visually-pleasing effect to any system.

Each OCZ ModStream is built with PowerWhisper technology to effectively reduce noise levels to a minimum to allow the power supply to be seen and not heard. Courtesy of the whisper-quiet, yet extremely vigorous 120mm fan, the ModStream provides leading edge reliability and performance without annoying fan noise.

The OCZ Modstream features PowerShield EMI control technology with copper shielded power leads to provide the added benefit of extreme current stabilization and delivery of the cleanest possible output to all your critical system components.

Complete with attractive blue fan LEDs, OCZ ModStream products are enclosed in a sleek, titanium case that fits perfectly into most systems.

Designed for demanding computing environments, the exceptionally powerful OCZ ModStream power supplies are available in 450 and 520 watts versions with peak loads of 550 and 620W. OCZ offers an exclusive 3 year PowerSwap warranty program and industry leading technical support, providing unparalleled peace of mind!

OCZ's ModStream is the ultimate replacement to the noisy, inadequate, unreliable mainstream power supplies currently available. The OCZ ModStream power supply family is, without a doubt, the best line of modular PSUs offered today!

For more information on the OCZ Technology Group ModStream Power Supply family, please visit the product page

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