Gigabyte GA-8TRX330-L Motherboard

@ 2004/12/02
The new ATI RX330 chipset looks to be full of potential, its memory compatibility is even being validated by the company. Currently Gigabyte has exclusive manufacturing rights to this chipset, so if you want an ATi Radeon RX330 based motherboard, the only vendor that can currently supply it is Gigabyte. The Gigabyte GA-8TRX330-L is really a no frills Socket 478 Pentium 4 motherboard. It supports 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors with a maximum of 4GB of dual-channel DDR memory, and uses a standard AGP 8X video slot. The motherboard features an onboard 5.1 audio codec and a Realtek Gigabit Ethernet network adaptor, but nothing much else.

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