Gigabyte Creates a 915P Motherboard With SLI

@ 2004/11/30
With NVIDIA's recent SLI launch, the graphics market is buzzing with excitement. Even though only some of the latest games really take advantage of the dual 3D capabilities now, the option of using two graphics cards at once offers both new upgrade paths and a nice way of improving the visual experience.

Until now, only Athlon64 motherboards (Socket 939) based on NVIDIA's new nForce4 SLI chipset or the K8T890 Pro from VIA have been capable of operating two graphics cards. In Intel's 900 series chipset world, SLI still has not been a factor. Since we have already proven that dual PCI Express graphics does not necessarily require wide PCIe links, solutions based on narrower PCIe links were only a matter of time.

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