Google Launches Blink Browser Engine, Says Sayonara to Apple and Webkit

@ 2013/04/05
Just when you thought the changes had settled down for a bit Google has come forth with yet another surprise announcement. Google is launching a new fork of the Webkit rendering engine called Blink. The new browser engine is due to see ‘first light’ for browser users via Chrome 28.

The main area of ‘contention’ that appears to have led to the fork are the two separate ‘multiprocess architectures’ maintained by the Chromium Project and Webkit developers. But that is not the only reason…

From the CNET blog post: It’s not just technical matters that led to the split, though. There never has been a single Webkit agenda for Apple and Google, and social tensions persisted as the two groups tried to work together.

Opera has been tracking the Chromium build of Webkit for its own upcoming browser changes and will follow the new Google fork instead of Webkit. Both the Chromium Project and Webkit developers will also begin to strip unneeded code relating to each other’s browsers from their code bases. You can learn more about all the upcoming changes by visiting the blog posts linked below…

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