Deezer for Android gets redesign, predictive search function in new beta version

@ 2013/04/04
With services like its own App Studio, Deezer's already presented how it feels about mobile as the way forward. And, in order to keep the trend going, the music streaming service is now releasing a beta version of its Android application, giving that ever-growing subscriber base quite a few nifty features to enjoy before going completely mainstream. In this beta form, Deezer for Android sports an all-new design which, as the outfit notes, is laid out to make it "faster than ever before" to discover new artists. Furthermore, Deezer added a built-in, fixed mini player that provides music controls while outside of the app's main interface, and there's now also a predictive search trait which, you guessed it, anticipates what's about to be typed in hopes of making it easier to find the artist / song you're looking for. Like to think of yourself as an early adopter? Well, look no further than the source link below if you're looking to increase your reputation as such.

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