Thermalright XP-120

@ 2004/11/30
The performance was very good, regardless of platform. While we were
impressed with the performance, the real slam dunk for us is the noise, or
lack thereof. You can place a monster 120mm tornado on the XP-120, but
using a much quieter 120mm fan is still very effective and one piece of
the puzzle if you're looking into building a silent system without using

Be sure to read the [M] review
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/01
While water cooling will cool as effectively (if not better), and also be near silent as the XP-120, that solution will be much more expensive as well as more difficult to install. We're not trying to say that the XP-120 is a water cooling replacement, but it's damn near perfect performance and noise-wise when it comes to air cooling.
1) How much cooler at what cost?
2) How much quieter, without fan??
3) How about just by saying there is an alternative to W/C ... pure air cooling???

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