Inside the second with Nvidia's frame capture tools

@ 2013/03/29
The fact that Nvidia has decided to release analytical tools of this caliber to the general public is remarkable. Yes, the first results of those tools have detected some issues with its competition's products, but who knows what other problems we might uncover with them down the road? Nvidia is taking a risk here, and the fact it's willing to do so is incredibly cool.

Going forward, there's still tons of work to be done. For starters, we need to spend quite a bit more time understanding the problems of multi-GPU micro-stuttering, runt frames, and the like. The presence of these things in our benchmark results may not be all that noteworthy if overall performance is high enough. The stakes are pretty low when the GPUs are constantly slinging out new frames in 20 milliseconds or less. I've not been able to perceive a problem with micro-stuttering in cases like that, and I suspect those who claim to are seeing extreme cases or perhaps other issues entirely. Our next order of business will be putting multi-GPU teams under more stress to see how micro-stuttering affects truly low-frame-rate situations where animation smoothness is threatened. We have a start on this task, but we need to collect lots more data before we are ready to draw any conclusions. Stay tuned for more on that front. I'm curious to see what other folks who have these tools in their hands have discovered, too.

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