AMD Comments on GPU Stuttering

@ 2013/03/26
Bringing things to a close, when AMD first came to us about this, we had mixed feelings about what they were proposing. Typically, manufacturers only take issue with benchmarking methodologies when they have some deficiency on their part. Surprisingly enough, AMD's stance was equal parts recognition of where they had issues and offering their input on the right way to do things.

Meanwhile, we’ve wanted to do an article like this for some time now; specifically a dissection of FRAPS so that we could better explain why we have not been using FRAPS for investigating stuttering. To our surprise, we found AMD repeating many of the positions we held, and more importantly they were offering up further facts and additional data that we didn’t have access to that would help support our own position. So despite whatever AMD’s intentions were, this worked out well for us.

Ultimately AMD’s message has been one of information, explanation, and admission of oversight. AMD has been clear with us from the start that the primary reason they even ended up in this situation is because they weren’t doing sufficient competitive analysis, and that they have revised their driver development process so that they now do this analysis to prevent future problems. The fact that NVIDIA seemed to have figured all of this out much earlier was a point of frustration for AMD. The company likely left non-negligable amounts of performance on the table over the years, which could've definitely helped in close races.

At the same time they’ve been hard at work on fixing existing stuttering problems, with many of those fixes being delivered while fixes for more DX10+ games are right around the corner.

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