Corsair Neutron GTX Series Retrofitted with 19 nm Toggle-NAND Flash

@ 2013/03/26
Without making much noise about it, Corsair retrofitted its Neuton GTX line of performance consumer SSDs with 19 nm Toggle-NAND flash chips made by Toshiba. The newer drives' model numbering scheme looks like "CSSD-NxxxGBGTXB-BK," where "B" denotes 19 nm Toggle NAND flash, and "xxx" denotes the capacity (120/240/480 GB). The MTBF on Corsair website appears unchanged, so does the 5-year product warranty, but we're not sure if the same can be said about the drive's maximum programmed-erase cycle count (P/E cycles). When an SSD meets its P/E cycle limit, it typically switches to a read-only device. While you won't lose any data, you'd need to back-up and RMA the drive. The Corsair Neutron GTX line of performance SSDs were launched in September 2012, originally with 24 nm toggle-NAND flash.

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