XFX Rolls Out the Radeon HD 7790 Ghost Graphics Card

@ 2013/03/22
XFX kicked off its Radeon HD 7790 lineup with the HD 7790 Ghost. Featuring AMD reference clock speeds of 1000 MHz core and 6000 MHz memory, the card uses an AMD reference design PCB, with a custom-design fan-heatsink akin to Intel CPU coolers. Since the chip has a TDP of just 85W, the cooler looks sufficient. A slab of aluminum serves as shroud for the heatsink. Based on the 28 nm "Bonaire" silicon, the Radeon HD 7790 packs 896 stream processors, dual tessellation units, 56 TMUs, 16 ROPs, and a 128-bit GDDR5 memory interface holding 1 GB of memory; and a brand new dynamic-clock technology. The card is priced at US $149.99.

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