Schmidt squashes Chrome, Android merge rumours

@ 2013/03/22
Rumours that Google might be thinking about merging Android and Chrome OS are false.

Speaking to reporters at an event in India, Google exec Eric Schmidt said the two operating systems will not be combined, reports Reuters. Schmidt pointed out that Android and Chrome might have a bit more overlap, but they will remain separate.

Schmidt also dismissed rumours that he might leave Google. He said the rumours were completely false and told reporters that Google is his home. He added that he has no plans to take on a job in government.

Schmidt served as Google CEO from 2001 to 2011. Although he sold off some of his stocks, he still has a massive stake in the company and apparently doesn't plan to sell the rest.

Talk of Schmidt's possible departure was intensified after Android boss Andy Rubin announced that he is stepping down just a week ago.

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