Ineo Alienvibes W402 Speaker Review @ Hi Tech Legion

@ 2013/03/19
The Alienvibes W402 is designed not only as a simple speaker set, with USB/SD card and aux inputs and full pre-amp with wireless remote, the W402 can be a one stop multimedia sound center for multiple devices. At the heart of the W402 is a single reflex bandpass enclosure housing a 5.25” subwoofer, with fully functional controls and a piano black finish. Also residing in the enclosure is a three channel amp capable of 15w RMS x 2 to the satellites and 40w RMS to the sub. The satellites of the Alienvibes W402 are wooden construction with two 3” woofers and one 1” tweeter in each. The inclusion of the two 3” drivers allows for better reproduction of the midbass frequencies it handles.

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