AMD roadmap drops Athlon XP

@ 2004/11/26
AMD has updated its public roadmap. The biggest change: the death of its Athlon XP brand.

AMD has fully committed itself to Sempron, and adds a couple of new 90nm processors to the line-up. Indeed, there's a clear shift toward 90nm over 130nm across the roadmap.

Previous roadmaps have continues to list Athlon XP parts running right out into H2 2005, albeit with the company's "as market requires" caveat. As far as the XP line goes, the market clearly doesn't require it, and AMD has dropped all references to the brand, even though the latest roadmap goes no further into the future than the previous one.

Instead, the roadmap shows a renewed focus on Sempron. Having shipped its 90nm Low Voltage Mobile Sempron, aka 'Sonora', it disappears from the H1 2005 column, to be replaced in H2 2005 by a new addition to the roadmap, 'Roma', simply described as a 90nm LV part.

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