AZiO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse @ Benchmark Reviews

@ 2013/03/11
Choosing a gaming mouse nowadays can be rather difficult. Especially with the many compelling options and special features offered by multiple manufacturers. Above everything, a gaming mouse must be comfortable, durable, have programmable buttons, and a reasonable dpi range. Most modern mice come with extra features such as wireless functionality, adjustable weight, customizable lighting, and even onboard memory for button profiles.That being said, a particular model may tick all the boxes, and still be imperfect. There is a certain X factor when it comes to mice and other gaming peripherals; it just has to suit the individual using it. As a result, this article will necessarily be somewhat subjective. The mouse under inspection is one of the few offered from AZiO. The GM533U appears to have ticked many of the boxes but should you pick this one over the many other alternatives from reputable gaming brands? Benchmark Reviews takes the Levetron GM! 533U for a spin to find out...

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