Jabra REVO Wireless Headset Review @ NikKTech

@ 2013/03/11
It seems that lately no matter where i go when I'm out (subway, road, gym) i see quite a few people listening to music with large wired headsets connected to their smartphones so i can't help but to wonder just how comfortable they feel. Personally up to this day i only used wired and wireless stereo earphones/earsets when i wanted to listen to music while on the go without becoming annoying to people around me and i can't say that i ever felt like wanting something more. True volume and bass levels always were two very important issues i wish could be resolved but when using earphones it's quite obvious that you put portability over audio perfection. Well it seems that our friends over at Jabra have been working on the two issues i mentioned since they just released what is perhaps the best wireless headset I've used to date, the REVO Wireless.

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