Cooler Master TPC 612 and V8 GTS CPU Coolers, and JetFlo 120 Fans Pictured

@ 2013/03/08
Cooler Master showed off a trio of air-cooling solutions at CeBIT, which includes the TPC 612 and V8 GTS CPU coolers, and JetFlo 120 case fans. The TPC 612 is a compacted version of the TPC 812. It retains the design concept of its older sibling, that of a heatpipe-fed aluminum fin stack that also uses a vapor-chamber tube for more efficient heat transfer; while using just four heat pipes, and a more compact vapor-chamber tube. Measuring 145 x 97 x 161.6 mm (WxDxH, including the fan), it weighs about 640 g. It uses a single 120 mm PWM fan that spins in the range of 600 to 2,000 RPM, pushing 24.9 to an impressive 82.9 CFM of air. The TPC 612 is compatible with all modern CPU socket types.

Moving on, the V8 GTS is Cooler Master's latest monstrosity, one that is designed to take on pre-assembled closed-loop liquid CPU coolers. It uses a triple independent aluminum fin stack design, which is ventilated by a pair of 140 mm fans. An unknown (we're guessing six) number of 6 mm-thick nickel plated copper heat pipes convey heat from the base through the three fin stacks. Measuring a whopping 154 x 149 x 160 mm, it weighs 1,140 g. Each of its two 140 mm fans uses a 4-pin PWM connection, spins at 600 to 1,600 RPM, pushing 28 to 82 CFM of air. Lastly, Cooler Master showed off its JetFlo 120, a neat little 120 mm spinner featuring PWM, 800 to 2,000 RPM speed range, and up to 85 CFM air-flow.

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