Sharp may be close to receiving a $110 million boost from Samsung

@ 2013/03/06
Japan's Sharp has been struggling very publicly for some time now, and many reports indicate it's been looking outward for interested investors. While it already secured just such an arrangement with Qualcomm in December, rumors indicate attempts to reach a deal with Foxconn are in trouble and now Samsung is tabbed as a potential investor. Reuters and Japan's Nikkei cite sources indicating an official announcement could come sometime today regarding a 10 billion yen ($110 million) investment that would net the Korean electronics giant a three percent piece of Sharp. This deal would be mutually beneficial as Sharp gains a place to sell more of the LCDs it's capable of manufacturing, and Samsung cheaply expands its supply of panels, with a possibility of expanding their arrangement beyond LCDs in the future. We'll wait and see exactly what happens, but those IGZO screens Sharp is working on could be popping up in some unexpected places by the time it's all said and done.

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