GOWEX turns on free WiFi network in New York City, curbs coffee-shop hopping

@ 2013/03/06
The Big Apple already has a candy coating of free WiFi, between permanent providers, transient offers, and the million coffee shops (et al) with a router inside. If there were any dead zones left in the city, GOWEX probably has them covered, with its 1,953 free WiFi hotspots now live throughout Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Repeat: this isn't a plan, the network is up and running right now. Each connection gets 1Mb of bandwidth, and you can jump on access points with GOWEX's app (also free) for iOS and Android, which also hosts content like a hotspot map and other city-specific info not related to WiFi. The company has other major cities in the US on its to-do list, and expects to bring free internets to two additional locales during 2013. Not that it matters to users, but GOWEX ain't doing this for fun -- it'll be profiting from advertising, its "Smart City services," and charging carriers for lightening traffic on their data networks. Who needs a data plan, anyway? It'll soon be impossible to find anywhere in NYC without a free WiFi hotspot, or seven.

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