BitFenix Ghost Midi Tower Review

@ 2013/03/05
A few days ago while i was out with a some colleagues one of them pointed out to me that we haven't really focused in PC case reviews, at least not as much as we should have based on the how many get released per year. Well i have to admit that i was left quite puzzled since in just 11 months of online presence we've reviewed a grand total of 16 PC cases which at least for me is not a very small number especially since it's not our only focus group. Still just in case some of our readers feel the same we have put in several requests for some of the latest PC Cases to hit the market and hopefully we will deliver most of those reviews by the end of March (and just in time for our 1 year birthday). So today on the table we have the latest Ghost Midi Tower PC Case by BitFenix.

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