AMD Temash APU spotted

@ 2013/03/05
AMD's much awaited Temash APU appears to be getting ready to hit the shops.

CPU World has found a 2013 roadmap that provided some details on upcoming generations of AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

It shows the model numbers of unreleased chips, including A6-1450 "Temash" APU, A6-5200 "Kabini" part and "Richland"-based A8-5545M and A10-5750M.

Details are fairly light. All of them are quad-core processors, but there is a promise that AMD will also introduce dual-core versions.

One of the possible candidates likely to be dual cored is the A4-1200 which was mentioned in the footnotes on the "Tablets with AMD Accelerated Processors" page on the AMD website.

That page lacked many details other than the fact that the A4-1200 had two CPU cores, clocked at 1 GHz. It also has integrated Radeon HD 8180 graphics.

None of the material CPU World discovered revealed the chip's exact TDP, although there were a few hints.

Projected power stats in different usage scenarios showed that a system "S3" state the A4-1200 APU consumes 1.2 Watt when idle, 1.4 Watt during browsing, and 2.35 Watt when playing h.264 online video at 1080p resolution. If you add up all the numbers, and divide by your shoe size, you get a figure for the total platform power. This is 2.8 Watt, 3.7 Watt and 5.3 Watt respectively.

The footnotes contain results of some benchmarks for several upcoming chips. AMD A6-1450's score in 3DMark 06 was 2624. This is about 10 percent lower than E2-1800.

This makes the chip less interesting than the Brazos APU,which is clocked at 1.7 GHz and has higher TDP.

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