Intel Haswell Platform Faces USB 3.0 Issue: Report

@ 2013/03/04
According to a report that cites an internal Intel document circulated to partners, the company's upcoming Haswell platform faces an erratum that could be fairly noticeable by end-users. The problem is confined to the platform's integrated USB 3.0 SuperSpeed host controller.

A system based on Haswell platform, when waking from S3 sleep mode, will experience issues with devices connected through USB 3.0. If you have open documents, videos, or music playing off of a USB 3.0 storage device, applications accessing that data could freeze, needing you to reopen them. For example, a PDF document you have open on Adobe Reader could display a blank page after waking up from S3, needing you to reopen the document and/or Adobe Reader. The bug doesn't cause any loss of data, but could be an irritant. An Intel representative told the source that launch of the Haswell platform is on-track for mid-2013.

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