CloudOn releases version 4.0, brings its productivity features to a number of Android

@ 2013/02/22
A mere couple of months have passed since CloudOn outed its third major revision on Android and iOS, and today the productivity-focused application is making yet another numerical jump. With today's announcement of version 4.0, the app's set to expand on the previous iteration by bringing its Office functionality outside of Apple's famed smartphone and onto some that are powered by Google's mobile OS. This means Android users with a compatible smartphone can now view, edit, create, and share documents with CloudOn, which should be a rather familiar experience for those who've been utilizing the tablet app since its humble beginnings on Google Play. CloudOn 4.0 (along with its newly added support for landscape mode) is now available worldwide, although you'll have to check out the presser past the jump in order to find out if your beloved handset is included in the list of fitting devices.

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