TouchPal Keyboard for Windows 8 brings Swype-like typing to your slate

@ 2013/02/22
Android fans wanting to try a Windows 8 tablet haven't really had the choice of a glide-based keyboard in the vein of SwiftKey Flow or Swype, in part because the OS isn't designed for an easy replacement. After months of teasing, though, CooTek claims to have the remedy with the launch of TouchPal Keyboard for Windows 8. The software naturally centers on the sliding, predictive input method for those who've grown used to typing with one finger versus many. Thankfully, it's not a one-trick pony: the Windows 8 adaptation also includes the components from TouchPal's mobile editions, including an optional split keyboard and plugins. We most like that it's free, which should make it that much easier to skip the Type Cover for many of those considering a Surface Pro.

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