Sony teases PlayStation 4 developer list, includes many of the majors

@ 2013/02/21
Want to know just who's developing for the PlayStation 4? Sony just gave is a very good peek: it's promising worldwide support for the console, and quickly flashed just which companies that entails. The cursory look shows us many familiar heavyweights, such as 2K, Activision, Capcom, EA, Konami and Ubisoft. We've also spotted Rockstar, Square Enix and other names that most would have hoped for with the new PlayStation. Suffice it to say that Sony hasn't had any problems attracting the support it needs for a decent early lineup, although we don't know how many of these developers will have something ready for launch day.

Update: A few exist that aren't (directly) mentioned in the graphic above: Blizzard is porting Diablo III to the PS4, and Bungie will put its future MMO-like shooter, Destiny, on the game machine.

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