Sony Xperia Z rooted before it reaches most buyers

@ 2013/02/20
We'd say that this is living life on the edge, but that would assume there was an edge to live on. Doomlord at the XDA-Developers forums has rooted the Sony Xperia Z before the device is even available to most of the buying public. His trick was to modify the code of a Nexus 4 root and rely on Teamviewer to remotely test on a real-world device. Others have since chimed in to show that the root isn't a one-time exception, although the hack remains the definition of a risky maneuver when it's both very fresh and lacks a recovery tool. Early (and soon-to-be) Xperia Z owners still eager to throw caution to the wind can try Doomlord's code at the source.

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