We're liveblogging Sony's big PlayStation event tomorrow at 6pm ET!

@ 2013/02/20
The day is nearly upon us, folks -- February 20th is looking like the day we'll hear about Sony PlayStation's latest version of Home. Finally! Joking aside, yes, tomorrow evening is very likely when we'll first hear official details on Sony's next PlayStation game console (currently codenamed "Orbis"). Will we see the new version of the DualShock controller? Perhaps the rumored Gaikai game streaming of PlayStation 3 games? Or how about a confirmation of those rumored specs? Only Kaz Hirai knows! (Okay, it's likely that some other folks know as well, but Hirai definitely knows.)

We'll of course be liveblogging the goings on should you wish to play along at home -- you can find that right here. And hey, given that these things happen once per decade or so, you should probably play along.

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