KingFast Unknowingly Sends Counterfeit SSD With Fake Memory For Review

@ 2013/02/18
In January 2013, The SSD review received a KingFast F3 Plus 240GB from a KingFast representative. On receipt, the exterior package and the interior clear plastic SSD were both sealed. Within the exterior packaging of the KingFast F3 Plus SSD was a certification sticker, acknowledging that it had been inspected prior to leaving the factory. There was an additional seal on the side of the drive that also acknowledged inspection of the F3 SSD.

We would be remiss if we didn’t say that our background investigation into this matter wasn’t an education in itself. Quite frankly, it is entirely possible that the memory in this SSD is Micron NAND flash memory and we felt that this could be an important factor, however, identifying the markings of the TSOP (Thin Small Outline Packages) was our first priority. After all, that OCZ SSD grade laser etching couldn’t be missed even though it had been ‘blacktopped.

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