TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS gets refresh, for those born to be guided

@ 2013/02/15
It seems a safe bet that any contemporary Easy Rider reboot would be vastly different from its predecessor. For one thing, there's the whole GPS thing to contend with -- and surely there'd be a little friendly product placement in the form of the TomTom Rider (New Orleans isn't gonna find itself, after all). The company has updated its long-running motorcycle GPS line to feature a new 4.3-inch "glove-friendly" weatherproof display and the ability to create, upload and share routes via Bluetooth. Bluetooth functionality also makes it possible to get in-helmet audio directions, so you don't have to stare down at that screen the whole time (when you should be looking at the, you know, road). And for those who don't like the straight and narrow path, there's the Winding Roads to help you find routes with more bends. The Rider is currently listed at £329.99 ($511) for pre-order.

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