Autodesk 123D Creatures lets you create monsters on your iPad

@ 2013/02/15
Love Spore's robust creature creator tool? Got an iPad? Autodesk has something for you. The company's latest iPad app, Creatures, is a streamlined monster maker -- allowing users to create the monstrosity of their dreams with relative ease. Abominations start as a simple stick figure, molded, thickened and textured with a suite of tools and lighting effects borrowed from Autodesk 123D Sculpt. Completed works can be exported for a more professional polishing Maya and other Autodesk programs, or sent to Sculpteo for 3D printing. The iPad exclusive app will eventually sell for $7.99, but will be available for $2 during its initial launch period. Skip on over to the rightmost source link to check out the app on iTunes, or read on for Autodesk's official press release.

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