HTC teases off-focus glimpses of its new smartphone, goes heavy on the lens flare

@ 2013/02/13
In case you hadn't heard, HTC's warming up for another phone launch, readying events in both New York and London. The UK arm has now offered up a countdown clock (six days to go!), but with an extra soup├žon of tease -- some ever-so brief glimpses of its M7 device, rumored to land as the HTC One. Fortunately, someone's managed to track down all the teaser clips and stitch them together -- we've added it after the break. Alongside plenty of blinding light, we get a better peek at what seems to be a machined metallic edge around the device, as well as a single shot of the camera lens -- HTC does love its imaging tech. You can also glean that the device will arrive dressed white, just like its predecessor, the One X.

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