Altec Lansing AHP712 Headphones w/ Active Noise Reduction

@ 2004/11/22
"If you have a look at Altec Lansing's website, you will undoubtedly notice many new products. Among them are a series of new headphones aimed at gaming and all around audio immersion. Having already reviewed Altec's AHS602 gaming headset, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect when I was asked to review their new AHP712 noise-canceling headphones. Good sound quality to say the least.

These headphones are less gaming oriented and are intended more for the strict audio geek. But the incorporation of the Active Noise Reduction feature is undoubtedly the premiere highlight of these headphones. This useful feature should most certainly appeal to the frequent flyer weary of the constant white-noise assault inherent to airline travels. Sporting the same stylish design found on the rest of Altec Lansing’s family of headphone products, the AHP712 is the flagship of the line, at least as far as price is concerned."

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