Microsoft's Surface Pro sells out in hours

@ 2013/02/12
Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet has sold out at most retail locations in the US. Over the weekend the 128GB model was in stock at Microsoft's online store, but the 64GB is gone. Now though, the 128GB model is gone, too.

That the Surface Pro sold out doesn't appear to be an indication of strong demand. Business Insider is reporting that very few tablets were in stock. Some shoppers complain retail locations like Best Buy and Staples only had a few units in stock, while some had none at all. Similar comments surfaced at the official Surface blog, with plenty of consumers venting their frustrations.

It's worth keeping in mind that the Surface Pro launch was limited to North America and the rest of the world should get it over the next few months. The fact that Redmond didn't stock up should be a source of concern. Either someone dropped the ball, or Redmond doesn't expect the Pro to do very well at all. Early reviews paint a bleak picture indeed.

Last month it emerged that Microsoft shipped 1.25 million Surface RT tablets, but the sell through rates were apparently around 60 percent. Perhaps Microsoft was just a bit more cautious this time around. In any case, it is just more bad news for Microsoft on the tablet front.

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