Ascension PS3 bundle to include game themed controller, Kratos' wrath

@ 2013/02/07
If PS3 gamers across the pond were envious of the garnet red console North Americans were getting as part of a God of War bundle, they can feel a little more chuffed today. According to a Sony press release, British fans will be able to score their very own God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle, which includes a sparkling "Classic White" super slim console along with a lovely gold and custom-designed controller specially made for UK-dwelling Kratos lovers. It comes with the largest HDD available, 500GB, as well as a special edition copy of God of War: Ascension that contains a steelbook case, the audio soundtrack, a double XP unlock code for multiplayer gaming, avatars and a special PS3 theme. The release below didn't reveal pricing, but Joystiq pointed out an Amazon UK search result of £249.99 ($391) for the lot. So if you're a die-hard GoW fan, or just someone who loves golden game controllers, get ready to head to the shops (or click on that cart symbol) on March 15th.

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