Google expands its reach on the slopes, adds ski resort routes to Maps

@ 2013/02/07
If you've ever been skiing or snowboarding, you likely know all too well the annoyance of carrying around a huge map of the resort -- especially when you're trying to refold the darn thing as you quickly approach the top of the lift. Fortunately, Google -- which has been no stranger to the slopes the last two years -- has a digital answer to this minor snow-centric dilemma, adding routes from 38 of the most popular resorts (a number that will continue to grow, as it should be noted) to its Maps. This means that Android and iOS-toting winter recreation enthusiasts can save a few trees and ditch the folding whilst enjoying the grand outdoors, provided you're willing to take your glove off to move to a different part of the map. Head to the link below for a full listing of resorts that are currently supported.

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