Focus@Will says its music app boosts concentration, opens it to public beta

@ 2013/02/07
So, what were we doing? Oh yeah, blogging -- fortunately, Focus@Will understands our inability to concentrate 100 percent of the time during an eight hour day, and is now going into public beta with a music service app designed to make things better. The company says it helps productivity by perking up your limbic system at specific intervals with "scientifically and artistically curated" music that keeps you from pondering "danger, food, sex or shiny things" instead of working. You can choose from eight music categories like classical, cinematic or "alpha chill," including many new compositions created since the private beta launched in December. The company's also refined its "focus genome" algorithms since then, which help choose tunes based on user feedback in a similar manner to Pandora's Music Genome Project. If you're in the US, you can grab the cross-platform HTML5 app now at the source below, with iOS and Android apps coming soon. Still with us? Good.

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