HTC One SV review: a middleweight performer that's not just a pretty face

@ 2013/02/07
HTC's One SV has arrived, and joins a plethora of above-average-spec handsets vying for your money. Available on Cricket in the US and EE in the UK, the 4.3-inch, LTE-ready device fits into the One series between the low-end V and, you guessed it, the better-equipped S. It's a curious release for HTC, given the One VX has just launched with almost identical specs, apart from the 4.5-inch, qHD (960 x 540) screen slightly besting that of the SV. Based on our quick hands-on time at CES, you may have already gathered that it's not a powerhouse built to wow you with raw benchmarks scores. But how, exactly, does it compare to its bigger brothers in the series? And, what does it offer people who are more concerned with their budget than 1080p displays or octo-core processors? Head beyond the fold for our full musings.

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