Thermalright SI-97 vs SP-97

@ 2004/11/21
Thermalright has been reigning king of aircooling for quite some time now. The SP-94 and SP-97 were proof that aircooling still has a future. The only competition Thermalright is facing seems to be themselves, and with the release of the XP-120 and XP-90, no other manufacturer is capable of reaching their level of performance. The XP-120 and XP-90 were great solutions for Intel Socket 478 and AMD K8 CPUs, but Thermalright has not forgotten about the widely owned Socket A platform. Thermalright now introduces the SI-97, a cheaper and lighter solution than the previous SP-97 as part of the Light 'N' Easy tradition.

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Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/11/21
The results show the two heatsinks performing on par with each other. The SP-97 can definitely hold its own when compared to the newer brother. One question is why the performance gap any larger? The XP-90 was definitely better than the SP-94, so why not in this case? The reason lies with the lack of fins at the base. The overclocked thoroughbred XP1800+ is pumping out too much heat for the heatpipes to handle. It can still do the job, but is creeping away from being significantly more effective.
strange, I tought the 4 heatpipes would handle the heat easily. And that the SI-97 would perform a lot better because there AREN'T fins at the base and the air would flow better true the heatsink.

Maybe the SI-97 will outperform the SP97 if it had 5 heatpipes.