8COM BH220 Bluetooth Phone Headset

@ 2004/11/20
Measuring 120mm x 30mm x 20mm and weighing in at only 14 grams, the BH220 is smaller and lighter than most car door remotes. After wearing it for a while you forget it’s even there. There are three buttons on the front, the biggest one being the function key, with a pair of volume keys below. Each button has several functions. You’ll notice a clear casing between the lower buttons; this is where two LEDs (red and blue) reside. The tiny hole at the bottom is the microphone. It does a surprisingly good job of picking up close range audio. The backside has the speaker, a pair of screws for maintenance, and a socket for inserting the ear hook (the L and R labels dictate from which side the hook should be inserted, depending on ear preference).

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