Chenbro Xpider II

@ 2004/11/20
All in all, the Xpider II is a very solid piece of kit. It does
everything that is asked of it, and does it well - The build is sturdy,
the screw-free drive bays and PCI/AGP slots are easy to use, and there
is plenty of nice attention to detail in the overall layout, from the
drive rails neatly stored at the bottom of the case to the positive feel
of the push-button panel to access the front USB ports and the like. The
side panel window is the perfect example of this thoughtfulness in the
design process - The option of having a window into the case which can
be covered with the provided tin plate inside for those of us ashamed of
the tangle of cables within is not far short of genius.


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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/11/20
This is what I call review by sight only.
I am doing pretty good as I age; with 40 years driving experience I could tell you how good a car is just by starring at a few components - no test drive is required.

I also own a lot of guns ...... I could tell you how straight the darn thing shots without pulling the trigger.

I know I'm BAD and lazy....... I also know there are others worst than me.