Games We Want To Play 2013 @

@ 2013/02/05
As we say goodbye to 2012, we welcome 2013, and the games it will bring with it. Some games we have had our eyes on more then others, and today we'd like to share with you just a few of the games we are hoping to get our greedy little hands on once they are released.

Now our games wish list is pretty long so we decided to do something a bit different then what other game sites are doing with their anticipated games of 2013 lists. Instead of just naming every single game we want to play scheduled for release this year, we have opted to do a quarterly report of the games of 2013 we are most looking forward to. We believe this kind of format is favorable in a couple of ways:

First it makes the list brief allowing you to only take ten minutes or so to go over it, and be on your way. I mean honestly do you really want to read through what could be 20 pages plus of games we want to play in 2013? Secondly since we are opting for a quarterly listing of games, this format will allow us to adjust our overall list to be a bit more up to date during the course of the year as things like release dates, change in art direction, combat systems, addition / subtraction of multiplayer component, etc. have a tendency to change. Thirdly…ah hell you pretty much get the point. We want a list that you can look real quick at, get some up to date info on, comment if you like, and go about your business. Simple right? We hope so : )

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