New Antarctic research lab has extendable legs, can crawl over the ice

@ 2013/02/04
Cold, frosty nights on the Antarctic continent are about to get a lot more cosy. The newly designed Halley VI Antarctic research station is set to open next week, and contains a few neat little tricks. Fixed structures typically struggle on the frigid continent due to moving ice and the threat of snow-burial. The Halley VI, however, has extendable legs that not only allow it to keep rising above snow level, but also mean it can be towed to a new location as required. There are eight pods in total which connect together, and are made up of research areas and living quarters. The larger, central red cabin provides a communal living area that houses its own special tricks -- such as specially selected shades, a climbing wall and a herb garden -- to fend off the intense winter blues. Whether the architects had been watching Star Wars Episode 5 at time of conception is unclear.

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