Sony confirms its My Xperia smartphone recovery service, starts limited trials

@ 2013/02/01
Sony piqued its fair share of interest when it trademarked the My Xperia name for an online service -- what could it do in the cloud that it hadn't already done? Tracking lost devices, it seems. The now-official My Xperia service trial gives Sony phone owners the equivalent to a recovery tool like Find My iPhone or the early form of, letting them pinpoint a missing Xperia and ping it, lock it down or wipe at least some of its data. Be ready for a very gradual launch, however. The very first wave of tests involves just Xperia acro S users in Nordic countries, and the trial will expand only to 2012 smartphones in the region that are still running Android 4.0. Those of us further abroad will have to wait for the eventual worldwide expansion if we want to easily find that Xperia S buried between the couch seats.

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