Swiftech H20-120 Watercooling Kit

@ 2004/11/19
The H20-120 offers overclockers, performance hounds, or just silent work area seekers the opportunity to enjoy all of those advantages of watercooling. The higher overclocking capacity of watercooling combined with the innovative ideas implemented by Swiftech combines to produce a great kit for people who want to spend a bit more money. Installation was easy, especially with the comprehensive manual that has many illustrations and a good follow along guide.

The MCRES system puts the reservoir out of sight using a great spot to do so. It hides up at the top of the case, giving you the opportunity to bleed the system with ease. Mounting the radiator in the RadBox at the back of the case puts less pressure on the internal cooling fans and components and makes sure that you are only using cool air to keep the radiator at optimum performance. Attaching all of this to the computers power system avoids external cables, other than the RadBox. All of the included hardware ensures that you have all of the bases covered.


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