A64 90nm Overclocking - 2.7Ghz on boxed aircooling

@ 2004/11/19
A German website has compared the new A64 3000+/3200+/3500+ to Intel's latest and also overclocked their A64 to the limit using only the boxed cooling.

The 3000+ was able to reach 2.7Ghz with 1.6v vcore. Quite impressive!

Read about it here:
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/11/19
It will "roxxxx"
Comment from calantak @ 2004/11/19
I've ordered a 3000+ s939 with 2* adata vitesta ddr 600 512 +
xp120 thermalright and abit socket 939.
Just for fun, I need a spare rig at home, if it roxx, I'll use it for some gaming, if it doesn't I sell it
Comment from kristos @ 2004/11/19
if these results are consistent, those chips have an amazing overclocking potential.

Although I would have loved to see the overclocking results from the FX and the 3200 and 3500's because now, for all I know, this may just be another exception to the rule, so to speak...
kind of like that guy from XS, one chip did 2.7gig (or was it more?) on stock air cooling and his other chip, same model, same stepping, did only 2.5 gig no mather what the Vcore was set at.