Cooler Master Unveils CM Storm Sirius S 5.1-channel Gaming Headset

@ 2013/01/25
Cooler Master's gaming hardware brand CM Storm announced the Sirius S 5.1-channel gaming headset, a variant of the Sirius, which dates back to June 2011. While the original Sirius ships with a 5.1-channel USB sound card, and is priced around 120€, the new Sirius S maintains the headset's every component, except the USB sound card is tossed out for a simpler volume control pod, and 3.5 mm jacks (three lines-out and one mic-in), so you could take advantage of your own sound card. It's also likely that since sound cards with non-standard DSPs are highly prone to driver-related issues, and need constant maintenance from the manufacturers' side, Cooler Master is finding a smarter way out. The Sirius S is expected to be significantly cheaper than the original, when it reaches stores some time in February.

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