Dual AMD A64 Socket 754 motherboard spotted

@ 2004/11/18
A motherboard going by the name of "Stretto 2" rev 200 features 2 sockets for AMD 754 CPU's. The motherboard is up for grabs at a Taiwanese Yahoo Auction site.

People hoping to have a cheap dual 64-bit CPU with this board might be disappointed to learn that the desktop version the A64 CPU's only work in single CPU configurations. On top of that it seems that the board does not have a BIOS.

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Comment from jmke @ 2004/11/18
The story continues; in 2002 AMD showed A64 plans which include dual S754 A64 setup with Clawhammer-dp CPU's which never made the market. (AMD doc from 2002)

2 x SOCKET 754 ClawHammer-DP
Server (Stretto)
Comment from jmke @ 2004/11/18
I received some info from Marci from www.over-clock.com

It's a good fake... perspective on it's off, as is the left hand edge of the board... unless it's really bent but only on one side... followed every edge on it to see if they follow natural perspective of pic and they criss cross all over the place! Rotated it round in the pic below... look at the two thin yellow lines along bottom that criss cross. They follow the board edge. The dotted line above is a corner > corner join the dots.

At least that's my opinion on it anyways! (Ignoring the obvious technical flaw of no MP in socket 754 CPUs etc)

(but.. please see the post below also!)