Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase Coming 'Soon'

@ 2013/01/18
According to James Lopez, associate producer on Borderlands 2, a level cap increase is coming sometime in Q1. Here's what Mr. Lopez had to say: The cap raise timing is partly dictated by Borderlands 2′s increased stat tracking. "With Borderlands 1 we had to go by forum posts, and by checking out the number times certain achievements had been unlocked to really get an idea of where players were" explains Lopez. "But SHiFT allows us to see a lot more about the way players are playing the game, and see what they're doing. We wanted to give people enough time to get at least one level 50 in there, and then see from there, how many people are doing this. Is this a good time for this? We also didn't want to wait so long that people were no longer interested, or felt like it wasn't coming".

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