ADATA’s WiFi Router/Hotspot/Charger

@ 2013/01/14
This was something of a unique product, though perhaps not extremely useful. There are plenty of wireless routers, hotspots, and USB charging devices out there, but ADATA is combining the functions into a single device with their AE400 and AE800 DashDrive Air.

The AE400 supports up to 10 devices and includes an SD card reader, so for those times when you’re not looking to connect ten different devices directly to the Internet (hello LVH where you get charged $14 per device per day for crappy Internet!), the AE400/AE800 could prove quite handy. In addition the AE400 has a 5000mAh power bank (single cell, so that would be 18.5-10Wh) that can be used to charge USB devices like smartphones.

The big brother AE800 has all of the same core features as above but it supports just 8 devices and adds wireless repeating functionality, a 500GB internal 2.5” hard drive, and a USB 3.0 interface for external storage. The battery capacity remains the same, so with the need to power the internal HDD along with the WiFi you should expect less battery life while gaining some additional features. ADATA didn't specify the interfaces that they support, which I'd assume means 2.4GHz 1x1:1 MIMO (150Mbps) maximum.

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