Corsair Goes Big With Obsidian 900D; Updates Peripheral Lines

@ 2013/01/11
This CES, Corsair opted not to have a standard booth or suite. Instead they held a press event prior to CES proper, and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. That disappointment is ameliorated somewhat by the fact that what was announced was the very definition of the word "flagship."

After starting with the Obsidian 800D enclosure and then gradually trickling down their designs to the eventual (and unfortunately underwhelming) Carbide 200R budget case, Corsair's gone back to the top and produced a new king of the castle in the Obsidian 900D. The 800D was an enthusiast chassis in its own right, but the 900D is another beast entirely, holding court with the likes of giants like the Azza Fusion, Thermaltake Level 10 GT, and perhaps most directly, the Cooler Master Cosmos II.

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